Personalized Automated Text
Messaging for CBT (CBText™)
CBT is an effective treatment for those that use it. Patients who complete homework between sessions have better treatment outcomes than those who don’t, and between-session reminders improve homework compliance. With Personalized Automated Text Messaging for CBT (CBText™) you work collaboratively with your clients to teach CBT skills, develop personalized homework assignments, and set up a schedule of personalized text messages to assist with and encourage homework completion. Reports are automatically generated for review with your client at the next session. Incorporating technology into the treatment process is intended to engage clients as collaborative partners in their treatment, as well as enhance communication and improve outcomes.

CBText™ Overview
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The cost of the service is $99.
CBText™ includes both an on-line teaching tool to help you teach CBT concepts and skills, and a portal to collaboratively design and schedule between-session text messages with clients. Using your iPad or desktop/laptop computer, the system enables you to teach CBT skills and set up teaching and text messaging for eight of the most common CBT concepts and skills.
CBText™ Authors
CBText™ was developed by thought leaders in fields of CBT treatment and telepsychology: Drs. Kobak and Mundt.
CBText™ was developed with research funding from the National Institute of Mental Health to evaluate its effectiveness (MH086152). In a pilot study, therapists randomly assigned to use CBT text messaging and on-line training had significantly better patient outcomes than therapists in the treatment as usual condition. Patient ratings of therapeutic alliance were significantly higher for those receiving text messages. Nine-four percent of therapists rated the system “good," “excellent,” or “best imaginable."

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